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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Talk To Bears, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Talk To Bears

    Talk To Bears New Member

    What was your first guitar and amp you started with?

    A collage of my early gear here, circa early 70's

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  2. SolidFooting

    SolidFooting Member

    An Ovation Applause. I used it and abused it. Bought it at a church auction for $90 and never even bought a case.
  3. KjDouglas88

    KjDouglas88 New Member

    My First Guitar Was a Hand me down from My Uncle who started me on playing the Guitar. It was A Kramer Vanguard offset V Black With a Floyd Rose. Still have it just don't play it much anymore. Trying to keep it in the best condition I can.
  4. Voigtstr

    Voigtstr New Member

    Not sure why its on its side... on my web page it's the right way up! Borrowed a friends PRS SE first and then bought the epiphone goth.

  5. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    A cheap acoustic (I forget the brand), but after that, I bought a K-Yairi (which is still my favourite guitar), and then I bought a Telecaster and a cheap practise amp, a 5 watt Kornell amp (shortly followed by a Fender Twin, which I still own as well). This was 30 years ago, and cheap guitars and amps back then were utter crap. Nowadays you can buy very good instruments for a fraction of the price; the same is true with amps.
  6. Roppongen

    Roppongen New Member

    My first instrument was a violin, followed by a Harmony bass several years later, which turned into an old 1966 Fender Mustang before I changed to guitar.

    Univox Les Paul copy was followed by a 1974 Strat, which unfortunately never sees the light of the stage anymore due to having been pushed aside when I got my JEM and subsequently several RG's.

    For acoustic guitar my brother bought me a no namer from a yard sale with nylon strings which I replaced with a rosewood sided Giannini, then a couple of Ovations, followed by a lot of Adamas's, which I still have a few.
  7. Guitarmageddon

    Guitarmageddon New Member

    This was my first, a 1974 Premiere Tele copy 1974 1.jpg Premiere Tele copy 2.jpg Premiere Tele copy. Still have it hanging on a wall.
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  8. Diamondgirl

    Diamondgirl New Member

    An old Sears Silvertone-the same one Joe Walsh and Joan Jett started off with. Thank you Sears!!! one had amps in those days except for the pros. I want to take this opportunity to thank Joan publicly for letting me play with the Runaways until they found Cheri Curry. I got a good enough sense of what "being on stage and on display" (something guys dont have to deal with). Getting crap for being sexual...thats kinda what teen age girls are all about according to guys. Ugh. Glad I stayed close but chose not to be a "rockstar"
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  9. Rsquared

    Rsquared New Member

    My first was a Gibson Marauder. Natural finish with a white pickguard.

    Been long gone now, but every once in a while, I get nostalgic and think about finding one to replace it.
  10. Tort Gard

    Tort Gard New Member

    My first guitar was an unbranded nylon string acoustic that I "liberated" from my sister after she stopped taking lessons. Still have it. :)
  11. GuitarGirl

    GuitarGirl New Member

    A Seagull acoustic my sister gave up on using. Long story.
  12. Big Hoss

    Big Hoss Up note, down note, blue note, brown note.

    Just arrived this week. SX Hawk MN CAD and Behringer GTX60.

    Now bass guitar? Crate BX100 amp and 1984 Ibanez Roadstar II.
  13. Bard2dbone

    Bard2dbone New Member

    My first instrument was a cornet. Then I took over my sister's fiddle, when she quit practicing. Then I got a Sears acoustic guitar for Christmas. That was all in sixth grade. I was competent on all three by the end of seventh grade, but had moved from cornet to baritone horn and from fiddle to double bass by then. In ninth grade I added tuba (It's a plot. If you're a brass playing guy of any size, they want you trapped under a sousaphone, come marching season.) which shifted my focus even more to low accompaniment. So I saved my lunch money most of freshman year and bought a Ventura Beatle Bass copy from a pawn shop. It was kind of a POS, more suitable for archery than music. But the next year, the school started a jazz band and I was the only electric bass player in my school who could read music. So they bribed me to stay in the jazz band by getting a Fender Precision and letting me keep it until graduation.

    So first guitar was that Sears acoustic. First ELECTRIC guitar was Hondo Strat copy in tenth grade. The oldest one I have kept all along was the first new one I bought after the Navy. That year I went to the music store with my tax refund to get a MIA Strat. In stead I got a matched pair of MIJ Fenders, a Strat and a fretless Jazz Bass. I still have both. That was 1988.
  14. Scatabrain

    Scatabrain Member

    An acoustic with small finger destroying strings. Then a strat copy.
  15. Jay Bones

    Jay Bones Master of the Stratocaster

    1988 Alvarez Regent (5212), bought new in the fall of 1989. Really decent little starter model, had an adjustable bridge for under $100 OTD. Unfortunately, it walked away from me after I had upgraded to my present acoustic.

    First electric was a 1976 Fender Stratocaster hardtail natural (still have it) and amp was a mid 80's Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 (still have that, but getting ready to upgrade to Fender tube head and cabs).

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