Which Ibanez do I want?

Discussion in 'Electric Guitars' started by JohnCub, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. JohnCub

    JohnCub New Member

    I need help from the Ibanez army. I never thought I was an Ibanez fan until I bought a used RG370DX to give to a friend. After having played it I have decided I need one for myself but I don't want that exact guitar because I don't like the sharktooth inlays at all.

    I love the sound of the pickups, love the 24 frets, and think it's a top notch guitar. So which model, used preferably, should I be looking at first?
  2. mrspiffy

    mrspiffy A member of the Spiffy Club.

    Based on my experiences with Ibanez basses (I own 2), I think any of their mid level stuff I've played is pretty tight (mind you in a store setting). The RG470 is pretty nice, but a bit pricier. Most of my guitars are Dean guitars, but when I get an 8 string, I'm getting the Ibanez.
  3. Andew

    Andew New Member

    Any Ibanez model is good. It's better for you to ask at local music store. There you'll get good overview of many Ibanez guitars. I don't know the specifics about Ibanez series but they all are quite good:)
  4. mrspiffy

    mrspiffy A member of the Spiffy Club.

    I'd stear clear of the Gio series (low end stuff). I played some and was not impressed, and for a little more you can get something decent. I've picked but Ibanezes used for decent prices before.
  5. Winterfire

    Winterfire New Member

    quote 'I'd stear clear of the Gio series (low end stuff)'
    i would agree with mrspiffy, although some of the cheaper rg series can be just as nice as the expensive ones.
    something like this should be more than adequate
    http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/RG350MDX (available in silly neon colours too if thats your thing)
    in the lower end of the range i personally prefere the ones with Maple fretboards, dont really know why they just seem nicer.
  6. Coop

    Coop New Member

    See if you can find a used MIJ RG550. I obsessed over those waaaaay back in the day (I'm an old guy). I ended up with an RG760, but got rid of that years ago.

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