What HB/SC pickups for PRS SE Tremonti?

Discussion in 'Pickups and Electronics' started by Airfish, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Airfish

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    Hi there.

    I am looking for humbuckers with split function to single coil for PRS SE Tremonti guitar. This one:

    I want something with a more warm/mellow/harmonic/classic/vintage tone, preferably passive, but definitely HB/SC splittable. Maybe a similar tone to Gibson 490T/498R or Burstbuckers....

    Ideal case would be pickups supplied with complete electronics, wiring AND push-pull pots, because I donĀ“t want to drill new holes for any extra switches to the guitar.

    Thanks in advance for all your advice and suggestions!

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  3. SolidFooting

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    This is such a huge question. It's like saying, "Which brand of guitar is best?" Let me offer my favorite pickup manufacturers.

    Something inexpensive but remarkably good: guitarfetish.com
    Something mainstream and predictable: seymourduncan.com (or dimarzio.com if you swing that way)
    Something brilliant but "out of the box": wildepickups.com
    Something really expensive and really awesome: bareknucklepickups.co.uk

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