thick or thin guage strings? wich do you prefer and why?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by johnnystrings, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. johnnystrings

    johnnystrings New Member

    thick or thin guage strings? wich do you prefer and why?
  2. electric guitar

    electric guitar New Member

    i ussually use extra light ,but i bought some ghs nickel rockers and im not sure the guage but they have an awesome sound i would suggest them to anyone
  3. JonnyDistance

    JonnyDistance New Member

    I really dig thick strings. I used to use Dean Markley DT strings (13-56 gauge) for the nice, beefy sound, but that set died fast. I've gotten thinner lately, using D'Addario EXL 115's (11-49 I think) and those are nice and crisp even after a few months AND down tuning, but I do miss my thick strings from time to time...
  4. Roscoe East

    Roscoe East New Member

    Neither; I prefer medium. :)
  5. I prefer .009 guage Ernie Ball Extra Slinky's... Been playing them for years, and have tried many other brands... I have a light touch, so a light guage is better suited for my playing. I used to play .008's, but I got sick of bending High E strings until they snapped...
  6. Talk To Bears

    Talk To Bears New Member

    Currently using Martin bronze 80/20's on my acoustic, 010-047 (light) as I'm coming from playing electric (where I used the same gauge range), I loves 'em! Beautiful bright chimey overtones and more.
  7. BillyB

    BillyB New Member

    I generally use 10s. I just bought a Strat with a Floyd Rose and am trying 9s on it. I once had 13s on another Strat, which sounded HUGE...but were kind of brutal.
  8. tycobb73

    tycobb73 New Member

    9, DAddario XL. I really like to bend and get vibrato in my solos.
  9. light gauge 38, 32, 26, 15, 13, 10 .... been using them since I got my first brand new set of strings. They were called "Fender Rock n Roll" light gauge. Now I have to special order them at times because most people don't use them.
  10. Andew

    Andew New Member

    I use 9 - 42 (somethimes 46). It's extra light for solo improvisation. Thicker strings will deliver more more surround, but it harder to bend. This is the main choice. Extra light ones for me:)
  11. SolidFooting

    SolidFooting Member

    I realize this is just a preference thing, but for me, it's the thickest strings I can handle without struggling. I could bend 13s if I wanted to, but I have to work. 11s are my preference.
  12. Dan

    Dan New Member

    I like 9s, but they rattle too much. 10s are alright, it's what I generally use.
  13. Namelyguitar

    Namelyguitar Super Strummer

    9's are the thing for most electrics!

    However, you'll want a larger (diameter) string size if you play a dreadnought or other acoustic guitar. Larger diameter acoustic guitar strings are louder, fuller while bringing a larger, brighter sound.
  14. Eaglemoon

    Eaglemoon New Member

    I used to use 10's but got a new guitar that has 9's on it and I'm liking them. May stick with them. I usually use D'Addarios.
  15. Winterfire

    Winterfire New Member

    its gotta be 9's for me, bendyness is good!
    Elixirs or D'Addario's depending on varoius factors
  16. johnnystrings

    johnnystrings New Member

    Wow GREAT responses...I'm really into 11's lately...Nice thick tone.
  17. Coop

    Coop New Member

    I usually get the top light bottom heavy Ernie ball strings. Although I've been playing regular slinkies (.10 - .46) as of late.
  18. Agmundr

    Agmundr New Member

    For acoustic I stick to lights, but with electric I go with mediums. I was doing mediums for acoustic too, but my Alvarez compared to the Epiphone I used to play has a darker sound so I use the light strings to brighten it up a bit.
  19. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    I like the "light-heavy" strings, which are 9 - 46 on my Teles, and 10 - 46 on the Les Pauls (easier to bend strings on LPs) and always nickel (I detest those squeaky stainless steel strings). On acoustics, the good old Dr. Thomstic Mediums. Still, I'd use heavier strings if my hands could handle them - the heavier the better for sound.
  20. Wheezer

    Wheezer SDMF

    Prefer 9's. I run Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky, like the feel and sound, they last awhile which is a good thing for my cheap ass.

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