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Discussion in 'Electric Guitars' started by cliggity, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. cliggity

    cliggity New Member

    I picked up a new Squier Modified Telecaster last week. I was surprised to find that even though it was fully stringed, of course, the machine heads were barely hanging on. They hadn't even been tightened. I was replacing the strings anyway with some GHS Boomers so it gave me a chance to get them tight. I don't expect miracles from a MII Telecaster from the factory, but c'mon.
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  2. BillyB

    BillyB New Member

    I believe that the nuts will loosen. Might be a humidity thing, who knows?
  3. HalfManHalfGuitar

    HalfManHalfGuitar New Member

    I saw locally one of the Jazz basses in that same series and it had some of its scratchplate screws sticking up - where they hadn't been screwed fully down properly.

    I thought much the same thing really..... I mean, just how hard is it just to turn a screw until it stops in a guitar factory?!
  4. Andew

    Andew New Member

    What was that model? Was it directly from the shop (factory) or it was used one?
  5. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    I assume they're the same as the ones on MIM Teles (they're not actually screwed in in the back - they just have little notches?). They're crap - and you can buy good replacements very cheaply. Gotoh make sets for about $40 (which are good quality), or a set of Grovers are about $75. Both are simple to install. Either one will be a huge improvement, as the standard ones really are garbage (not good enough for a Fender IMO). Since they have a fixed bridge, I'd just buy the Gotoh ones - no point wasting money. I have roller string trees on mine as well, which cost $8 each. Not a necessity, but worth a thought. I use the liquid lubricant on the nut and bridge saddles as well (good stuff). One bottle has lasted more than a year, and I have a lot of guitars, but I never have tuning problems. ;)

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