Recommend me a 12-string

Discussion in 'Acoustic Guitars' started by Bloodhammer, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Bloodhammer

    Bloodhammer New Member

    Yeah I could do research on my comp here, but this place needs more posts. Fire away.
  2. F64

    F64 New Member

    Your budget will have a lot to do with the selection. There are many out there that are good.
  3. BassPlayer900

    BassPlayer900 New Member

    I really like my Fender CD-100. It seems sturdy and has great tuners.
  4. Talk To Bears

    Talk To Bears New Member

    If you have the budget for it, the Guild F-512 is magnificent in every respect.

    Yamaha makes some nice ones for a reasonable sum like the APX700II, LL16-12 or FG720S are worth looking at.
  5. Jody Davis

    Jody Davis New Member

    breedloves r pretty good. and their usually around like $500
  6. capnsandwich

    capnsandwich New Member

    I used to own a Takamine 535 and it was very nice for the $550 it cost me. It had good electronics, a nice shape, and good tone woods.
  7. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    Be careful with 12 strings. They have a lot of tension on the neck, so cheap ones can often end up with the neck cracking. My best advice is to buy a model and brand that's been around for lot of years and has a proven record of being solid.
  8. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Taylor. Take a look at the way they mount the necks.
  9. Donovan

    Donovan New Member

    If its your first I recommend an epiphone dr 212 it's got good action and the necks not to wide I got one for £100
  10. Guitarmageddon

    Guitarmageddon New Member

    I have an old Alvarez 12 string that is very good for a cheaper model. I also keep it tuned down to E flat to reduce the tension. 12's are known to pull the bridge saddles up off the body over time.
  11. wolfmancharlie

    wolfmancharlie New Member

    I've had a few, I played my Epiphone 12 string to death. The easiest 12 to play ,that I have owned was an old 70's Madeira, made for Guild. It also had the best tone. Ovation and Seagull 12's were both very good , and just played a Yamaha that sounded very nice
    One of my buddies,who owners a music store, swears by the new Michael Kelly 10 string. So many good ones, so little room. Just try as many as you can and Enjoy the Moments. :))
  12. Jay Bones

    Jay Bones Master of the Stratocaster

    +1 on Yamaha, I have an older red label FG that is probably as old as I am and is still in good shape. Alvarez also makes nice ones, as does Takamine. Seagull's are good, but I've never gotten over their generic headstock design, and Ovation I can't bond with since they can't be played sitting down comfortably.

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