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    Hello, I have this SQUIER body and I was wanting to put a baritone neck on it. I was wondering if this is going to be ok to do? In other words am I going to run into any kind of problems putting a baritone neck on it rather than a regular standerd Fender neck?

    Thanks Bert~~~~
  2. HalfManHalfGuitar

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    If it's one of Warmoth's baritone necks I can't see any problem. If you have the Strat replacement model and the body is also a Strat (Squier) they are made to fit together without any problems or intonation problems. If you are using a Telecaster body and anything else other than a Telecaster square heeled baritone replacement: you may have some fitting troubles....

    All other hardware and parts should line up without further modification. I'd recommend that you check Warmoth's pages for more information:

    Hope that helps.
  3. SolidFooting

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    All said above is correct.

    The primary difference between a baritone guitar and a "standard" guitar is scale length. If you read this article, you should understand the issues:

    Depending on the specific neck you use, the bridge may be in the wrong place.

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