Pedal Chain --> Parallel Delay --> Will this work?

Discussion in 'Effects' started by bradleyviolette, Feb 2, 2013.

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    This is my pedal chain and I took a rather different approach to get a parallel delay circuit of sorts. It looks like it will work fine just wanted some input. When I get to my Marshall Vibratrem, it has mono input and stereo output; I will split to signal paths (Left = [L] and Right = [R]) and then later combine them using my T1M Micro ABY. Will this work? I will use the Marshall Echohead mostly for a tape delay setting and run the ext. tap tempo into my JHS Panther so both delays will be synced by the tap tempo stomp on the JHS Panther. For those who are wondering, I have a Fender Pawn Shop Jaguarillo (Mexican) and a Hughes and Kettner Statesman Dual 6L6 (60 Watt).

    Guitar --> JHS Mod Ernie Ball VP Jr --> Polytune (Tuner out) --> Empress Compressor --> T1M Blender --> JHS Double Barrel (in blender loop) --> Empress Para EQ w. Boost --> ISP Noise Decimator --> Marshall Vibratrem (Stereo out) -->[L] JHS Panther Delay --> [R] Marshall Echohead Delay --> Strymon Blue Sky Reverb (Stereo input & output) --> T1M Micro ABY (Stereo in; mono out) --> Amp

    My big question is, is this a good chain for parallel delays? Is there anything I am overlooking that could mess it up? I'd love for feedback on anything or questions on my rig.
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    I've not used the specific pedals, as I'm fairly new to using more than a multi-effect processor. Seems like your chain would work fine to me. I'd say it's all subjective once connected properly. I'm curious what all of those pedals sound like.

    FWIW, I'm quite interested in blending as I've just put together a small pedalboard for my bass rig that I've decided is going to work for guitar as well. Right now all I've got is a MXR Classic Overdrive blended through a BOSS LS-2, into a 2U-2, into a SansAmp BDDI. When playing acoustic guitar, I like the clean channel going all the time, and the BDDI just serves as a DI, but I've found the MXR is nice when tastefully blended. In the future I plan to add a number of other pedals in the blended loop. I plan on putting a looper just before a DI so I can be a 1-man-band, swapping between guitars, bass, and percussion.
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    we can build you a custom napalm specifically for the job! It'll even keep your delay tails if you so desire

    email if you're interested


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