Not your average online guitar tabs! We make them like the big boys!

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Would you like online Guitar Tabs, to look more like the real thing?

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Chris, and I have been creating custom transcriptions online for over 10 years now. I used to run a page called Hair Rocker's Heaven, which helped spawn the PowerTab movement on the internet in the early 2000's. That resulted in the opening of the PowerTab Archives, at , where I set most of the submission standards, as well as supplied my own works, and acted as an Editor for the site. What we did back then, was try to change HOW the internet viewed guitar tablature...which, when we started, was just ASCII Text tabs.

    Well, you have all witnessed what resulted online after that... The birth of Guitar Pro (which imports PowerTab files...go figure!), sites like (you've heard of it?) that host PowerTab files for thousands of songs, and the evolution from PowerTab to Guitar Pro as the most commonly used tab editor online. I was there in the beginning, wanting to change the face of online guitar tabs, and with the help of countless others, as well as a few really dedicated individuals... we made it happen!

    Well, it is time to start another evolution in the way the internet views Guitar Tablature! Why aren't we using the same software as the big publishers, when it has been available to us for years? I know the answer to this one... NONE of them want to share their secrets on how to use Sibelius 6 or 7 to create professional quality guitar tabs! Go and look for tutorials/blogs/videos on the won't find any helpful information... and the manual only covers guitar tablature briefly... It took a lot of patience and reverse-engineering of professional tablatures to get the information that has been missing online in the past. I'm working on putting it all together for those who want to create their own... but until then, all I can share is a few samples of my work!

    I also sell custom transcriptions on my site of 80's Rock bands, which have been arranged by myself and top-notch transcribers, to give you what the internet lacks... accurate and professional quality guitar tabs! I only sell full albums, but let out single tabs for free to show off what we are doing, and to show how detailed and accurate we can get. YOU be the judge! - Damn Yankees - Coming Of Age : Done COMPLETELY in Sibelius 7, and uses a Guitar World / Guitar Pro style tab layout, and notation staves over the lyrics. Vince Neil - Sister Of Pain : Also done COMPLETELY in Sibelius 7, features a notation-free lyric line (a la Guitar School magazine), and a normal Tablature + Standard Notation setup for the guitar parts.

    These are just examples of my research into "how" to make various types of guitar tablature using Sibelius... I have created 1 whole album in my new Super Score format, with 1 more just being wrapped up. The ones I am working on now, look more like your "traditional" guitar tab book setup, but with better readability, less confusion in the flow, and a total focus on accuracy.

    Would you be interested in anything like this? Shout out and be heard! Are you a fellow tabber, and want to know how to make Sibelius get up and dance? Hit me up!

    Rock On,
    Chris (aka GuitarGod78)
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    Thanks for sharing your downloadable software
  3. MarkM

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    Hey Chris, more power to you. When I started out in the very late 70's, guitar tab books were truly awful. Guitar Player Magazine and the like had better tabs, but even some of them were dodgy. The same is true of the internet - accuracy (and readability) varies a lot, even on some of the well known sites you mentioned. While I don't know the songs you posted, I do like the way it's laid out. I know the work that goes into writing out good tabs, so I wish you all the best.

  4. Just an FYI. My site is down, and will stay down until further notice. I just don't have time for it, and it wasn't gathering a lot of traffic. I plan on bringing it back, but as more of a tutorial site for Sibelius guitar tablature creation... unless I can find a suitable forum for it, that will find more users to help with creating their own professional grade tabs.
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    catherinechamber New Member sorry to hear it's down now..

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