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Discussion in 'Acoustic Guitars' started by Marianne, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Marianne

    Marianne New Member

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a good electronic tuner for my acoustic guitar. I am a beginner so before I can even start playing I need to tune the guitar. Thus I need to buy a good electronic tuner. There are many different ones. Can you give me some advice on which tuners are considered a standard for acoustic.
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  2. Hello Marianne.... just get yourself an inexpensive chromatic tuner. A "Universal II Chromatic Tuner" from Planet Waves for about $22.00 should do it. All the best.
  3. Andew

    Andew New Member

    You can get any you like. Korg is brand and known for many years. Today there're are 2 in 1 - tuner + metronome. Get 2 in 1 because you'll need metronome for practice. It cost not much than 12 - 15$ (or the same amount in your country currency)
  4. the burgermeister

    the burgermeister New Member

    Snark tuners are wonderful and cheap. I've found that they work quite well on a variety of instruments.
  5. Super_Freak

    Super_Freak Member

    This one works for everything except down-tuning or setting intonation, and the price is right:

    Reverb Clip-On Tuner | Reverb


    DOH, 4 year old thread!
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  6. Jay Bones

    Jay Bones Master of the Stratocaster

    I'd agree that the Snark is a good one. When I started playing I had a pitch pipe. Helped me that I could tell if my notes were in tune with each other.

    Also, I use DaTuner app on my smartphone, and it can pick up my electrics, unplugged with the TV on. Pretty sensitive, probably has to do with the microphone on my phone. And I always have my phone with me.
  7. Humbucked

    Humbucked Power Chords Lord

    I use this one:

    Great tuner, battery lasts ages (haven't had to change since I got it in May 2015), can tune guitar, bass, violin and has a chromatic mode for tuning other instruments.

    Edit: Hm. It seems that my link won't show up, I'll try again

    Edit 2: Okay, it won't work (probably due to low post count). Go to Amazon and search "eno clip on tuner"
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  8. Super_Freak

    Super_Freak Member

    Musician's Friend were just selling Korg Pitch Hawks for half price, so I grabbed one.

    I realized recently that my Reverb tuner doesn't work for downtuning, as there's no F note recognition.

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