Line 6, Senn, or Shure Wireless guitar system?

Discussion in 'Live Sound' started by bmen91, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. bmen91

    bmen91 New Member

    I have been recently looking into buying a wireless system and from what I have found I am taking the Line6 g50 side. Any suggestions towards this product, pros and cons, or suggestions towards other products?
  2. Andew

    Andew New Member

    If you choose Shure - then it won't let you down. It's more expensive, but it does the job well:)
  3. dspellman

    dspellman Member

    Shure has traditionally been the go-to source for most mid and even high-range wireless, and several years ago it would have been a no-brainer. Sennheiser has been a good brand that seems to stay on the periphery. Possibly the best wireless out there is the Lectrasonics, but it may be one of the most expensive, too.

    Unfortunately for Shure, that's all changed.

    The Line 6 stuff has quickly become the 800-lb gorilla of wireless and offers amazing quality for the money. The G50 and G90 are outstanding.
  4. Roppongen

    Roppongen New Member

    I've been using my Line 6 G-50 for about 3 years now and also have a couple XDS-Plus systems, all of which work very well, but have a few annoying aspects as well.

    Back when I was using Audio Technica wireless systems I was always able to change out a dead battery even while I was singing, since it could be accomplished one-handed without looking. Not gonna happen with either of the systems I use now, since XDS require a bunch of screwing around to get the battery loose and the new one in place and the G-50 is okay for dumping the batteries quickly onto the floor, but good luck lining them up the right way.

    If you play regular 60 minute or less sets and keep an eye on battery condition then no concern and great unit which easily travels in the case with the guitar, which is where I usually have my mic too. No matter where you go, no need to be chained down with a cord and great dynamics from these units too.

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