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Discussion in 'Electric Guitars' started by BilboCarter, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Hi everyone. I'm a cross-over from I've been over there for almost 10 years now, wow time flies. I've been playing bass even longer. I've had the urge to start learning the guitar lately. I know, I know....come back from the dark side, or come to it depending on the perspective. I'm just looking for some input on starting out. I starting tooling around with Rocksmith on my PS3. Picked it up cheap on a whim. It's not bad, but it's kinda gimmick-oriented. It's fun, but how functional it is remains to be seen.

    So here I am, instill you wisdom upon the hapless bass player turned guitarist. I guess the big thing is gear to start out with. My brother is a guitarist and he's loaned me his first amp, a Fender solid state 2x12. It sounds decent so far. I like the sound of Les Paul guitars from what I've tried. I'm looking as some Agile copies over at They seem to get pretty good reviews and the $$$ sure seems right. Any other suggestions. $$$ isn't really an issue, I'd just like to keep the initial investment low until I get the hang of it. The reason for the change after 14 years of bass duty most likely stems from boredom and lack of options here. I moved from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area back to the panhandle after my divorce so my daughter and I could be closer to family. Not a lot going on out here, so I'm trying to learn to play everything and start writing and recording on my own. I never had any formal training on the bass, just starting learning songs with friends and ended up playing in a rock/blues band in college that helped pay my rent and put cash in the beer fund. I'm taking the same approach with the guitar, but would take any suggestions that others found helpful while learning. Sorry for the rambling intro, look forward to being a part of the community.

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    If you already know your music theory, you're in a good place. I don't have a lot of advice, as I crossed over the other direction. But I'm thinking that B string is gonna be challenging since you're used to consistent hand positions. And the mindset it different. You're doing a different job. For gear, the stuff at Rondo Music is good, and so is the stuff at

    Welcome to the insanely competitive world of guitar!
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    Welcome, I've joined the fold as well.
  4. BilboCarter

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    Thanks for the encouragement. I learned "In Bloom" by Nirvana today. Felt like a badass, then I listened to some Dream Theater and went back to practice. :rolleyes:

    I picked up an Agile AL-3010SE from Rondo today. Should be here early next week.

    New Gear!!!
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    Hey Billy, I found this forum from TB as well, but I'm the opposite. I play guitar professionally, but I took up bass a few years ago, mostly for home recording.

    It depends on your cash situation - if you can afford one, a Gibson Tribute is a serious bargain - they're very nice guitars indeed. Otherwise, Epiphone LP's are a good option.
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    Welcome - I also came from

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