GFS Dream 90 vs. Mean 90

Discussion in 'Pickups and Electronics' started by BillyB, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. BillyB

    BillyB New Member

    Anyone have experience with both?

    I'm considering putting one of them in the neck position of my Fender Tex-Mex Fat Tele. I have Wilburn Custom Shop P90Buckers in another guitar, which I love, but they're not available any longer.

    I have limited experience with real Gibson P90s and have found them to be rather dull and lifeless. The P90Buckers are a lot brighter, but the neck pickup is warm and woody and wonderful too.

  2. BillyB

    BillyB New Member

    I asked Guitar Fetish directly. They said that the Mean 90s are as close as one can get to a true P90 in a humbucker-sized form. The Dream 90s have a taller, slimmer coil and are more of a tonal hybrid between Strat and P90.

    It sounds like the Dream 90 is the one for me, at least in this instance.
  3. Krustinator

    Krustinator New Member

    Does the form factor really have a significant effect on the sound of a P90? I realize the P90 is a fatter coil, but how much does this affect the tone of a Mean 90 vs the real thing? I'm thinking of putting Mean 90's in my Epi SG.

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