Dimarzio vs. EMG

Discussion in 'Pickups and Electronics' started by Daniel, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    This should be an interesting conversation... People have been saying Dimarzio's are the best, and they have also been saying EMG's are the best. Personally, I think Dimarzio's are better, but, that's my opinion... Thoughts??
  2. BillyB

    BillyB New Member

    Horses for courses really. They're quite different, assuming that you're referring to active EMGs vs. passive DiMarzios full-size humbucking pickups.

    DiMarzio makes a wide range of pickups, as do many, many other companies. And you didn't mention whether you're talking about humbuckers, single coils, etc.

    I've used them in the past, the Super Distortion (and Dual Sound) and X2N in particular. Great for overdrive, harsh to my ears for clean

    For passive pickups, I have a couple Seymour Duncans in an Ibanez hollow body (JB bridge and '59 neck), they sound great. I've used EMGs on a Santana SE (the Zakk Wylde set), and thought they sounded good too...very clean and precise.

    I've been happy with some GFS pickups from GuitarFetish too. A lot of performance for the $.

    Does that answer your question? ;)
  3. Andew

    Andew New Member

    I like Dimarzio because they highlight every note with high precision. They are meant for improvisation. They sound great on clean tone and very beautiful on High gain.
    EMG's are more like for metal. If you're true metal fan, then your choice is EMG. There's none of them the best. They both are the best:)
  4. Anubis

    Anubis Where'd I put that trem arm?

    It really depends on the strengths and weakness of your guitar, gear/amp/pedals, playing style, intended genre....etc. Some pickups will sound great in a base-ey mahogany/mahogany guitar and some will sound better in an alder. Some work better with tubes, some with solid.

    It's almost mind-numbing how many choices there are out there and how easy it is to mis-match a set of pups with a guitar. I personally haven't like the EMG's I've played, but I haven't played their higher end. Some duncan's I've liked, some I haven't.

    I'm currently trying to get my grubby mittromneys on a set of BKP's for my Jackson....schwing
  5. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    Yeah, it depends on what you're looking for and the style of music you play. For replacement pups for classic guitars (Strats, Teles, LP's, etc), I reckon Seymour Duncan do them very well.
  6. Kerry

    Kerry New Member

    As has been mentioned, comparing the two (Dimarzio passive vs. EMG active) is really comparing apples to oranges. As a general rule for myself, I probably am not going to be putting EMG pickups into my guitar unless I'm playing hard rock/metal.

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