What strings do you use?

Discussion in 'Acoustic Guitar Strings' started by Agmundr, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Agmundr

    Agmundr New Member

    I've used a few different kinds of strings on my acoustics, and I find myself going back to the standard Martin strings in a medium or light gauge. I haven't experimented much with it other than Elixers, which I didn't care for. They worked pretty well on my bass, but not so much on acoustic guitar. What do you guys use?
  2. Rick

    Rick New Member

    I've tried a lot of different strings on my acoustic, but have only been really happy with Elixirs. I like how they minimize the finger squeak. I am playing with a set of Red strings currently. They're copper-bronze, so they're a little brighter and warmer.

    What are you looking for? Sound, feel, durabilty?
  3. Kerry

    Kerry New Member

    You find the Red strings to be brighter? I have tried them on a few guitars and thought the sound was as mellow and dark as you can get with strings. I had a Breedlove guitar that had maple back and sides and was very bright, and the Reds were the only strings that I liked on it.
  4. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    I've been using the trusty old Plectrum "Dr Thomastik's" for nearly 30 years, and I still reckon they're the best (though not the cheapest). I've tried other strings over the years, but none have sounded quite as good to me. Still, I guess your ears do get used to the tone of certain strings after years of using them.
  5. Kerry

    Kerry New Member

    I used to work at a music store and sold lots of the Thomastiks to people who swore by them. They must have, as we always had to special order them.
  6. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    I certainly swear by them; I've been using them for 30 years. They used to be the most popular strings sold, but they are quite expensive these days. I guess that's why a lot of music shops don't carry them anymore. Still, you get what you pay for, and they're still the best acoustic strings on the market IMO.
  7. Unknwn702

    Unknwn702 New Member

    11s power slinkys
  8. Kerry

    Kerry New Member

    Anyone tried the new colbalt strings? I have heard good things but haven't bothered yet.
  9. Roppongen

    Roppongen New Member

    I'm a full-on Elixir user, both electric and acoustic. I've never cared for the sound of brand new strings, always liking them best after a couple days usage, after which they deteriorate more and more. Elixirs start off with the couple-days-old tonality that just stays forever that way and I never need to change them out until they start getting hard to keep in tune.
  10. MarkM

    MarkM Member

    I hate the sound of new strings as well (way too bright), and tend to use strings for much longer than most guitarists. I always wipe them down when I finish playing which prolongs their life (and their tone) dramatically. Saves a lot of money too, as strings are getting to be expensive these days. I never understand guitarists who have to have new strings on all their guitars for every gig. Each to their own, but modern strings rarely break, and hold their tone for a long time.
  11. Sam

    Sam New Member

    I used to love Martin's Reds. I used them for a few years. Loved the tone, didn't care for how much I had to change them out. I got hooked on Elixers when they came out because I could play a lot more and not have to mess around with changing strings so much.

    I'm currently using D'Addario EXP phosphor bronze 12-53 with a .070 for my low B string. I'd rather be using 80/20s or Elixers, but that's the only coated 7 sting set I can find at the moment.
  12. jaclop099

    jaclop099 <Blues Jazz Rock Funk>

    I put Ernie Ball 2221's on my Fender Standard Stratocaster. They just work for me.

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